Project Description

The Best Trading System. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is it! Unbelievable, but real. Vieira’s Live Trade Calls on Priceline (PCLN).

While you are wasting your time and hard earned money looking for a miraculous technical indicator, a stock guru call or watching TV shows, Vieira makes the market on Priceline, long and short, dictating the future share price, issuing perfect trade calls.

Note: Based on facts! Recorded Live!

  • Vieira recommends to close long positions in Priceline at $769 (LIVE)
  • Vieira downgrades Priceline at $769 (LIVE)
  • Vieira recommends to sell short Priceline at $769 (LIVE)
  • Wall Street upgrades Priceline to $1000
  • Vieira reiterates Sell ahead of August 2012 earnings, share price plunges $118 overnight! (LIVE)

Total accumulated profits: $770 per share

The education provided by Mr. Vieira is immeasurable. He is a pure genius and world’s greatest trader in my opinion.
B. Shah.
Vieira is the best in the world. American fund manager Einhorn is a successful marketer. 
Dmitri S.
If the world needs to pick the Steve Jobs of stock trading, they would pick Vieira with 200% certainty. Actually, I think he is beyond Steve Jobs. 
Lokanath Mohapatra
I sold short Apple at $677 when Vieira told me to sell short the most. I sold short JC Penney at $30 when Vieira screamed to short! In the past six months this gives $3.4 million profit 
 I have made over $30,000 profits in less than one month learning and following advices from Vieira. My account has grown from $70,000 to over $100,000. It’s really amazing to witness how Vieira calls the market…. I feel very fortunate to learn from the best and become a better trader each day.
I already made more than $1 million trading Apple, Agrium, U.S. Steel and Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold listening to Vieira

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